All of the floors in Tiny Tower can be divided into one of six categories. These categories are Residential, Food, Retail, Recreation, Service, and Creative. Residential floors are apartments where new Bitizens can move in to your tower. Residential floors are white. Food floors are restaurants, bars, and other places to get food where your Bitizens can work. Food floors are green. Retail floors are stores with clothing, accesories, and others where your Bitizens can work. Retail floors are purple. Recreation are shows, games, and other places where your Bitizens can go to have fun at, or work. Recreation floors are yellow. Service floors are stores that provide something for your Bitizens. Service floors are blue. Creative floors are stores that you probably wouldn't see in any average skyscraper. Creative floors are orange


This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total.



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